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Founded in 2017, our Safety & Security Hospitality Accreditation has rapidly become one of leading internationally recongised risk programs specifically developed for the hospitality sector.

The StaySafe Hospitality Safety & Security accreditation is the cost effective solution for hoteliers to measure their compliance, and drive continual improvement in their safety & security performance.  Ensuring a safe and secure operation for guests and employees, whilst protecting valuable assets.

Recognised by Travel Management Companies, OTAs, Corporate Clients, and travellers for providing an ‘Accreditation seal that can be trusted‘, makes us the perfect solution for hotels.

StaySafe Hospitality continues to provide a fresh pragmatic approach to how hotels manage their risks.  Developed and managed by hospitality professionals, the tools, standards and audits are all generated with a goal of continual improvement of risk in the hospitality sector.

Benefits of our StaySafe Accreditation


By obtaining the world leading StaySafe Accreditation, establishments can bolster their reputation as a trusted and reliable destination committedd to guest and employee safety.


This accreditation ensure that establhishments meet adn exceed industry standards, demonstrating their committment to maintaining a secure environment and complying with safety regulations.


The accreditation can lead to increased customer confidence, repeat business, and positiave reviews, ultimately contributing to improved financial performance for participating establishments.


With a focus on safety and security, hte accreditation helps establhisments enhance their operational efficiency, mitigate risks, and achieve a higher level of overall performance in the hospitality industry.

Stay Safe Risk Accreditation

With experienced industry leads we have produced a solution that is suitable for all hotels in all risk environment - we offer an holistic audit of your potential hotels risks

Security Management

  • Leadership & Management
  • Security SOPs
  • Security System (CCTV, Access Control, Alarms, Lighting, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, etc
  • Security Training, Awareness and Consultation
  • Enhanced Security for High Risk Environments

Crisis Management & Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Preparedness, Response and Crisis Management module is mandatory for all hotels to complete.  Evaluation against international Crisis Management & Business Continuity Standards to evaluate how well prepared the organization is to respond to a crisis.

Health & Safety (Guests & Employees)

  • Leadership, Management & Organisation
  • Policies, Procedures / SOPs
  • H&S Communication & Consultation
  • H&S Performance Management
  • H&S Reviews

Leisure Safety

The leisure safety module takes a deeper dive into the specific management of the leisure safety facilities and activities to ensure there is a good understanding of the potential risks and appropriate measures in place to mitigate against those risks.   Where the hotel does not have a facility or provide an activity then this will not be assessed, nor will it affect the overall rating.

Fire Life Safety

  • Fire Protection Measures
  • Means of Escapte
  • Fire Fighting 
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Emergency Lighting
  • FIre Doors

The only accreditation where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your hotels safety & security risk needs.