Below are the most commons FAQs we have received. However, if you have any other questions please contact us.

It will typically take between 1 & 2 days dependent on the size and facilities provided at the property. Time can be reduced somewhat on site if a self assessment is carried out before hand.

We have certified hotels in over 70 cities globally. Achieving our certification places you on an international platform, elevating your hotel's safety prestige globally.

Our global standards are developed by experienced experts in their field and are also based on industry best practices in safety, security, emergency preparedness & crisis management and fire safety management.  

Yes, StaySafe is designed for hotels of all sizes, offering customized solutions to meet your unique needs, we have boutique hotels, and smaller B&Bs that have participated in the program.

 Continuous support through updates on standards and practices, ensuring your hotel remains at the forefront of safety and security.

Our approach is highly customised, addressing individual clients needs and challenges through tailored risk management strategies.

Absolutely, the ROI comes in increased guest loyalty, attraction of corporate clients, and protection of assets.

StaySafe is designed for a broad spectrum of the hospitality industry, focusing on hotels & resorts but adaptable to related sectors.

Yes, our Certification is a symbol of trust which significantly boosts your hotel's credibility, appealing directly to safety-conscious travelers.

Hotels often begin seeing benefits such as increased bookings and guest satisfaction shortly after achieving certification.

The application process is streamlined, making it efficient and manageable, with our team guiding you every step of the way.

There are no hidden costs, we value transparency and trust, ensuring you're fully aware and prepared for all aspects.

 Our program emphasizes cost-effective solutions, focusing on pragmatic risk management without requiring excessive investment. Audl

Through rigorous, internationally recognized standards and continuous improvement driven by hands-on industry experience.

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