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About our Safety & Security Accreditation

The Safety & Security Accreditation, established in 2017, has emerged as a prominent risk program within the global hospitality sector. 

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Your Safety is Our Passion

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StaySafe Accreditation

Our accreditation, synonymous with safety and security excellence, serves as a symbol of unwavering trust and unwavering integrity within the hospitality industry. It signifies a commitment to safeguarding guests, employees, and valuable assets, setting a gold standard for safety practices.

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Safety & Security Accreditation Program

Founded in 2017, our Safety & Security Hospitality Accreditation has rapidly become one of the leading internationally recognised risk programmes specifically developed for the hospitality sector.

StaySafe Hospitality Safety & Security accreditation is the cost-effective solution for hoteliers to measure their compliance and drive continual improvement in their safety and security performance. Ensuring a safe and secure operation for guests and employees while protecting valuable assets.

Recognised by travel management companies, OTAs, corporate clients, and travellers for providing an ‘Accreditation seal that can be trusted', this makes us the perfect solution for hotels.

StaySafe Hospitality continues to provide a fresh, pragmatic approach to how hotels manage their risks. Developed and managed by hospitality professionals, the tools, standards and audits are all generated with the goal of continual improvement of risk in the hospitality sector.

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What our clients say

Julius Okot-Chono CFM; Millennium Airport Hotel Dubai

We continue to be impressed by the StaySafe Certification Risk Assurance Programme, which provides a strategic foundation to define, benchmark and qualitatively evolve our on-property risk management efforts as an integrated process. A best-in-class tool developed by top professionals in the industry and packaged with a plethora of resource material and important industry-specific insights!

Nelly Rutkowski; Hotel De Crillon, Paris

The StaySafe Hospitality Certification Risk Assurance Programme is a very good tool that provides real relevant analysis, adapted to our establishment, concerning risk management. This audit allows us to define and improve qualitatively our efforts to manage risks on the property by including it in our action plans with monitoring. The StaySafe team is professional and passionate about health, safety, security and risk management. With their knowledge and skills, they provided us with pragmatic recommendations adapted to our establishment and its activities while respecting the regulations (local laws). It is an honour for our palace to have a StaySafe Hospitality certification programme; the objectives are clearly defined and all are explained. It provides a guarantee of quality and compliance for luxury hotels.


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Accredited Hotels & Resorts

Hotel De Crillon, Paris

The Hôtel de Crillon, a Rosewood Hotel, an illustrious building overlooking the Place de la Concorde, celebrates the spirit of Paris and the French way of life; it is timeless, legendary, and displays its unapologetic elegance.

The Carlyle Hotel, New York

The Carlyle is an emblem of New York glamour and luxury. Nestled in the heart of the Upper East Side, the hotel is legendary for its first-class combination of discretion and grace.

Skogshem & Wilk, Stockholm

Skogshem & Wilk is a conference hotel on the island of Lidingö in Stockholm. It has 50 meeting rooms and 222 hotel rooms.